Is made in collaboration with Jinks1

Melbourne, 2016 – Spray Paint / Acrylic / Wood

@skr3am / @jinks1

Jean Shrimpton. The name known around the globe, synonymous with style, elegance and class.

Regarded by many as one of the most influential and innovative fashion icons of all time.

Smashing through the confined boundaries of the times, Jean wasn’t afraid to take risks, and at the prestigious event known as ‘the Melbourne cup in Australia, 1965 …Jean proved just that.

Ignoring the suppressed women’s fashion protocols of the time, Jean wore a white shift mini skirt to the strictly formal event much to the disbelief of her fellow formally dressed attendees.

This single event is heralded as the very moment that launched the mini skirt to the world, unleashing new era of previously subdued women’s fashion, liberation and empowerment.

Music: I’m The Face – The High Numbers