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Kingship x Co. in the Melbourne CBD approached us to paint the front section of his Cafe. The main purpose was to deter people from vandalising the building and also create a colourful vibe out the front decking area. Where customers would sit and have a coffee. Since the project there has been a successful strike rate of little vandalism, saving the owner from constantly cleaning the walls. The bright yet neutral colours allow people to enjoy the vibrancy of the cafe when the afternoon sun hits the wall. Furthermore the owner was satisfied with the unique piece of artwork. In the end. The council used pressure tactics, forcing him to change the mural to a ‘tram’, or something that signified Melbourne. With their help at pacifying free artwork in the CBD, it was declined by the owner to change the mural to a ‘tram’. Then, the council sent a painter, and forced the owner to repaint the wall. All the while, commissioning other artists to paint a ‘tram’ directly opposite the wall.